Education in the Time of Coronavirus, part 2: Pilgrimage

The Penrhys Pilgrimage Way has some excellent resources for various ages on their web site at – downloadable pdfs, free to print and use.

We are particularly keen to get people working on the idea of a board game themed around pilgrimage. Possibly even two – one for younger children, one for the increasingly popular adult board game market. Plenty of ideas for potential challenges on the route in the original 12th century guide to the route to Compostela: translation and lots of background at Look in particular at chapter 7, Lands and People along the Route – warnings about stinging flies, quicksands, dangerous rivers and the VERY strange behaviour of some people on the way!

The Welsh poetry about Penrhys in the final pdf is difficult to use but very rewarding (and there are translations provided). I have added something on the destruction of the shrine and separated out the texts and the background notes. Have a go at the texts first, then look at the notes to see if they get you any further.

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