The Pales

The Pales Quaker Meeting House, Llandegley,  a purpose-built thatched building dating from c. 1717, is the oldest  Quaker Meeting House in continuous use in Wales, and is of great emotional and spiritual significance  to many both within and without the Quaker community.   It bears witness to the strength of early Quaker activity in Radnorshire, and was a focus of the evangelical movement of the later 19th century, when a school was established in the building and a cottage built for the schoolmaster.  

The Meeting House ( Listed Grade II*) is spectacularly sited  in the Radnorshire Hills, one mile north of the village of Llandegley. It is open daily, there is a Meeting for Worship in the afternoon of the 3rd Sunday of the month, and other events take place regularly. The Pales is available as an amenity for Quaker meetings in the Southern Marches area and in Wales, as well as for local communities in its immediate neighbourhood. It has potential as a focus for walkers, and is included as a destination in the walking guide for the Heart of Wales Railway line. The attractive grounds include a small camping site and there are plans in hand to create further facilities for visitors. For more information on the history of the Pales, on the programme of events, and on plans for the future, see

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