Butterfly Garden!

In September, we helped Keep Wales Tidy to install a ‘butterfly garden’ on a small piece of waste ground overlooking Hen Eglwys Silian Old Church. Back in spring we heard that we’d been successful in our application to Keep Wales Tidy and the ‘Local Places for Nature’ scheme, for a ‘butterfly garden starter pack’. Because of lockdown the installation was delayed, and due to Covid restrictions we were sadly unable to ask for volunteers and make it into a community event, as originally intended. Nonetheless, everything has now been planted and assembled, and is there for the community to enjoy! All the trees and plants are native, there is a trellis to support the climbers, and the raised bed is filled with lavender. The trees are elder, hawthorn and dogwood. The plants and shrubs include broom, honeysuckle, dog rose, oxeye daisy, mallow, ribwort plantain, wild carrot and field scabious. The plants will obviously take a bit of time to properly establish, but soon we will have a lovely, nature-friendly, butterfly-filled place to sit and admire the view of the church building!

Nikki Vousden, Menter Silian



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