Education in the Time of Coronavirus, part 2: Pilgrimage

The Penrhys Pilgrimage Way has some excellent resources for various ages on their web site at – downloadable pdfs, free to print and use. We are particularly keen to get people working on the idea of a board game themed around pilgrimage. Possibly even two – one for younger children, one for the increasinglyContinue reading “Education in the Time of Coronavirus, part 2: Pilgrimage”

Penrhys Pilgrimage Project (PPP)

Helen Lloyd Jones, Chair of the project group, writes: The PPP was set up in 2017 to recreate the old medieval pilgrimage route between Llandaff and Penrhys in the Rhondda. Penrhys is also on the Cistercian Way. The vision is to bring the Penrhys Pilgrimage Way back to life. Inspired by the success of theContinue reading “Penrhys Pilgrimage Project (PPP)”

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